zaterdag 26 januari 2013

Turbo-Fire kicked my butt

Hi my beloved readers,

It has been a while since I posted a blog, I feel terrible of not having the time to have done so. I have done a lot of stuff in this mean while. I enjoyed the x-mas period, did some shopping, I enjoyed my B-day and finally decided to do my big chop on 24th of Dec-12 (I was transitioning for 5 months).  But I will evolve myself in the next blog about my transition process and my big chop and the whole experience. I am also thinking of a haul where I will show you all the shopping I did.

This post is all about my new experience which is the Turbo Fire exercise program *. It is an intense conditioning program that is scheduled for 20 weeks. The program is focused on the HIIT; which means High Intensity Interval Training. It is designed to work in your body aerobic and anaerobic energy release in your body. This means exercising at your max in up to 1 minute interval. This method shifts your metabolism into calorie burn mode. I know it is some mind cracking theory  :D
Check the link below if you want more insight info.

I wanted the program for a long period already, because I have done the P90X** and saw biggg results also started the Insanity** but was not at the level of doing it yet,  so I saw nearly all of this great programs in Goisco (a local store) and bought the Turbo Fire kit.  It costs Nafl: 126, = but is worth the price for all you receive in the kit

My Turbo-Fire Kit
Took my before pictures and measurements, and hit the play button. I am in love with the program, the way it is scheduled to be done. Even a busy woman can do it without the excuse of not having time to exercise. There is a HIT dvd of 15 minutes, which kick your but in that little amount of time, and I’m seeing great results. Not only from exercising but also from adjusting my eating habits

 With these thoughts I would like to motivate you to start moving. Do some sort of exercise, to keep yourself in shape. Eating healthy does not mean starving or doing crappy diets. It is about doing smart choices, one step at the time.

I will keep you guys updated with my progress. I will be posting pictures of my journey to a better me.
So what exercise do you do? I would like to know what are you doing or planning on doing.

Share the fitness <3

*   Turbo Fire link

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