woensdag 7 november 2012

Ten Tips on how to start blogging

Welcome to my Blog 

This is my first post and yeeaasszz I am happy and with a great feeling of accomplishment.

As I did, there are a lot of other divas out there with the same passion but do not know how to start the journey.  So I thought this will be the perfect introduction for me and also my aspiring fashionista bloggers.

I have been thinking on starting this journey for somewhat 3 to 4 years. But just did not take the initiative to really put on a theme. I always had thoughts like, I don’t know what to blog about, or don’t know how to use the blogger page and if readers will read my posts… But I have overcome all this thought and now it’s the time.

For this post I did gather some easy but important steps that you can follow to start your own blog too. This post is not only for those who want to start, but also you whom already own a blog. These tips can help you refresh your way of thinking on your blog.

Here will follow some great ideas on how to start in a very simple but fashionable and interesting way;

1-10 steps on how to start Blogging.

  • 1. Take the step to start Blogging

This is a very important decision.   Decide to do it and stick to it within some time frame, for example every day or every week, continuity is very important. Your followers will want to read more and will expect it in some time bond. A non- updated blog is a death blog.
  • 2. Choose your blog site or your own domain name

 You can start by choosing your blog site such as bloggers.com, blogspot.com, wordpress.com or you can create your own domain name. This will make you appear as more professional and will make you stand out from the crowd. I am starting with Blogger.com But eventually I will step over to my own domain name. I do recommend to do it as soon as possible because, when your readers get accustomed to your blog from a blogger site, it may take a little effort from them to switch and adapt to the new side.
  • 3. Choose your topics, or the area of interest you will be blogging about

Ask yourself what are the topics you are passionate about, if you are not passionate about it, you will not stick to it.
  •             4. Take the time to write your topic

Your readers will forgive some grammar and over all mistakes, they do not expect it to be yet professional, but still some effort is highly expected in your writing. Take some time to double or triple check your post, make sure it is free of mistakes.
  • 5. A blog is about your own opinion

A blog is not a news post, it is to give your own precious opinion of your topic of interest. This is how your readers will relate to you.  It is your own visions that make your blog unique.
  • 6. Communicate with your readers

Your blog is a 2 way communication form. Don’t forget that your readers will be delighted with your respond to their review, comment or question. Communicating with your readers will build trust and loyalty. Interacting with your readers will make you more approachable.
  • 7. Read other bloggers post

This is not precisely to be a copycat, but it is important to be in contact with other bloggers. And also you will have some ideas what is happening around you out there, at least bloggers with writing on the same area of interest as you do.
  • 8. Give out loving links and or videos

Readers will be delighted to get some links covering your topic. It can be links of your own interest related to your topic.
  • 9. Out of ideas to blog about

A simple idea to stick with is your reader’s reviews, ideas and questions on your posts.  Tadaahh, in a fraction great topics to write about.
  • 10.Keep it fun, keep it simple keep it YOU

This is your key to a successful blog. Just be greatttt!!!

Hope you had fun reading and that it was of a help for you.

I would like to receive your comments and reviews on my post.

Till next time.

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Queen Tish zei

thank you for the tips. mi tin ratu sin post riba mi blog. Pero mi ta bai aplika bo tipnan. pa mi kuminsa bek. eksito ku di bo tambe.

Anoniem zei

Nice way to start your blog!

http://www.cristinasfashionsense.blogspot.com xx

glitterbabe zei

Thank you Cristina.

I will check out your blog, and put in on my readings list ;)

F.JniQ zei
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