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A tribute to Bob Marley

We Jammin Jammin

I went to this amazing concert @ the Janthiel Beach on 9th of November 2012, where I had the pleasure to see the concert of The Rootsriders with Junior Tecla as lead vocalist.The concert was a tribute to Bob Marley, where they sang all of his hits and more. It was an awesome concert I Enjoyed it to the maxxx.. Tamara Nivillac  did also sang some of the themes, which I loved very much like No woman no cry.  Bob Marley died but he will be never forgotten nevertheless hiss songs especially by the reggae lovers, he is the legend.

We went jamming all the way. I was accompanied by my friend Liza, she is not a big fan of Roots Reggae, but she did enjoy the concert a lot. I laughed when she told me;’ heyy I didn't know that I knew so many songs of Bob Marley :D ‘

The epic moment of this night for me was when I pushed to go up in front to take a picture of Junior Tecla, he jumped of the stage just in front of me and started jumping and singing and jamming like crazy, and I was able to join that bunch of enjoyment. waaww it was such a great experience.

Right now Junior Tecla is promoting his new single Aurora ta yora. I do encourage you all to buy this new song, and support our Dushi Korsou people, since it is a very great song.

Here is a sneak peak of the concert when Junior Tecla and Tamara Nivillac was singing No woman no cry.

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